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  • zero cost to you

    Your mortgage lender will pay all of the fees, even commissions so there is no cost to you. In fact, depending on your particular lender, likely we can even get you cash at the close of the sale!
  • here's the basics

    Short slaes are where we negotiate with your current mortgage lender to accept less than what you owe, your lender writes off the difference as a loss.
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  • why 2014 is the year

    The Debt Forgiveness Relief Act was just extended and will remain in effect through 2014, this is great news for short sellers.
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...and your mortgage lender may be able to offer you money to move out! Short sales are difficult transactions and require a lot of paperwork and negotiations. With this process, a lot of the time you mortgage lender will allow you some money at the close of escrow. The amount and participation varies, but it’s not uncommon to walk away with a few thousand dollars. This usually proves helpful to short sale sellers when planning their move. It’s a great program, we love getting this approved for our clients!

There are no strings attached to this money from your lender, its just a great way to assure a cooperative close of escrow and move out in the end. Get a hold of us if you have any questions, or for more details, just click the 'contacts' link at the top of the page.