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A Few Words About Us

We are licensed by the State of California and certified for Short Sales by the National Association of Realtors.

SacShort is a referral service. We have a multitude of Real Estate agents, fully licensed by the State of California that specialize in short sales. Our team is certified in short sales as well. We are very picky with the agents that we have in order insure you the best chance of short sale success. Let’s start with the reason behind this website, myself, Gabe Davidson. To me this website is bigger than just doing short sales, it’s about bringing back our economy. Once you look at the effect that these types of sales have on our economy, it’s staggering; I truly do believe that Real Estate has a huge ripple effect on so many different areas of our economy… we need to improve the housing market.

When you complete a short sale, you not only relieve yourself of a huge amount of debt but you also improve the Real Estate Market. If you have, say, a neighborhood with 15% of the homes 'under water', meaning owing more on their mortgages than their homes are worth, then you have a community emerged in negative assets, it’s like owning stock in a company that has gone downhill… what do you do? Typically, you would end up selling that stock at a loss to you, with short sales and the current laws that protect you, you sell your home at a loss to your lender, not you. And what happens when we start completing short sales? We bring back equity in homes with the new buyers and eventually you end up fixing a neighborhood by removing these negative positions. You now have a home that is purchased at the current market value, with a loan amount no higher than market value. The effects of which make a happy homeowner that is in a good position with their home, in itself, has a huge positive effect on the market. More importantly to you as a seller, after your short sale is complete, you are relieved of the stress of having that huge negative financial obligation and in 36 months you are able to purchase a new home... and this new home, keep in mind, will be at the current market value, not overburdened. Think about this, 36 months is not a long time.

SacShort.com is designed to bring the very best Sacramento area short sale pros together into a one stop portal to help you get the help you deserve with short sales. We're not just Real Estate agents, we are short sale professionals armed with experience, dedication and commitment to short sale transactions and come from many different local Real Estate firms. SacShort.com is designed to bring you the best short sale agents, all screened and interviewed by me personally to insure you as a seller are equipped with the best. Contact us today and ill talk to you personally.

our team of agents

  • Short Sale Professionals
    Our Realtors specialize in Short Sales. This is hard to find in todays market.
  • Transaction Coordinators
    Real Estate transactions bring a lot of paperwork, short sales bring more. TC's are critical.
  • Support Staff
    There is nothing more important than having a full office support staff behind each Realtor.
  • Short Sale Certified
    Years of daily short sale experience, coupled with short sale certifications from The National Association of Realtors.
  • Real Estate Relocation
    We have an the network dedicated to finding you a buyer. We know how to get the job done.