• what is a short sale?

    Selling your house for less than what is owned on your mortgage. The idea is simple, the process is complex and thats why you need an experienced pro to handle the transaction. With a short sale the lender will write off the difference between what you owe on your mortgage and what the house is sold for.

  • critical online tools

    The larger mortgage banks are now using online platforms like Equator to communicate and facilitate short sales with Realtors. Our short sale pros have access to and are experienced with these critical systems.
  • staying current

    The very fabric of short sales are constantly changing, whether it be new tax changes, laws or procedures. Our short sale pros are continually educating themselves on these critical and constant changes.

  • skilled negotiators

    The most critical component of short sales is acquired negotiating skills. Our short sale pros know how to talk to your lender and how to negotiate a successful transaction. There is nothing more important than these skills.

precise and experienced approach

  • We will stand between you and your bank, protecting your right to a short sale. We pride ourselves in knowing how to complete short sales. Most agents are not skilled in negotiating and closing these types of sales. We have experience in this area of the market and we use that experience to be precise with our approach to your specific lender. And just as important, we are always careful to negotiate with your best interest in mind.

    There are many different ways we can apply our short sale experience when completing these sales. Some banks require a more direct approach via online systems like Equator and some banks prefer phone conversations and faxing. Knowing the bank and knowing what they prefer up front, will save you a lot of critical time.
  • What about the foreclosure process? Have you missed payments? Has the bank been harassing you with letters an notices?

    Don’t worry. Our short sale pro's will monitor the foreclosure process for you. One of the most critical items in the foreclosure process is the Trustees Sale date. This is the date that the foreclosure process is complete. Our goal as your short sale agent is to monitor and negotiate with your bank to extend this date until the short sale process is complete. Don’t worry, this is what we do daily.